Jude – The Authorised Lay Bible, ALB

1. Judah, a servant of Jesus Christ, and also the brother of Yacob [James] , to those who by God the Father have been sanctified, and those that Jesus Christ called and watches over.
2. Mercy to you and peace and love be multiplied.
3. Beloved, I have made every effort to write to you concerning the common salvation, out of necessity I write to you, exhorting you to contend wholesomely for that holy faith which was once committed to those [he] sanctified.
4. For some men have entered secretly, whose judgement long ago had been openly written and pronounced beforehand, for these [reasons]: they were ungodly, they exchanged the grace of our God for unbridled lust , and they denied God, the only absolute ruler, and our Lord Jesus Christ.
5. I will remind you, knowing that you once knew this, that the Lord having saved his people out of the land of Egypt, destroyed afterwards those who believed not.
6. And those angels that kept not to their original order, but separated and left their own formation , he has reserved for judgement of the great day, to be chained eternally under darkness.
7. Even as Sodoma and Gomorra and those cities around them, that in like manner as these, gave themselves away utterly to fornication, and followed after the back flesh of the other [in sodomy], and were laid as an example of those condemned to suffer the punishment of eternal fire.
8. Similarly, however, these dreamers also defile the flesh, they reject authorities , and speak evil of excellencies .
9. But the one who is Michael the archangel, when the devil contended with him about the body of Moses, did not venture to bring an accusation of blasphemy, but said, “The Lord rebuke you.”
10. But these, those great things which they know not, they blaspheme. And those things which they comprehend naturally, with them as with those irrational beasts, they deprave themselves.
11. Woe to them, because they have walked the way of Kain, and in the error of Balaam for reward of largesse, and are destroyed in the rebellion of Korah
12. These [ones] are blots feasting with themselves without fear, [instead] of nourishing the flock, [they are] clouds without water, they are carried about by the winds, leafless trees, without fruit, twice dead, plucked out of their roots.
13. They are wild billows of the sea, foaming upon their own ignominy, straying stars, for whom blackness of darkness is reserved forever.
14. Moreover, prophesying also of these, the seventh from Adam, Enoch, said, “Behold ye, the Lord is coming with ten thousand of his holy ones,
15. To render judgement against all [of them], and to convict [and punish] all those of them who are wicked, concerning all their wicked works which they wickedly committed, and concerning all those harsh words which wicked sinners uttered against him.
16. These grumblers of their fate, who walk according to their own lusts, and their mouths speak proudly of themselves, they pretend [to admire faces] for the sake of gain.
17. But ye beloved, remember ye the divine words that were spoken by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ.
18. How they said to you, that in the last days there would be mockers, who according to their own lusts would walk in their wickedness.
19. These are those who cause divisions , being sensous, they have not the Spirit.
20. But ye, beloved, in that holy faith of yours build up yourself, by praying in the Holy Spirit.
21. Keep ye yourselves in the love of God, expecting to receive the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, unto eternal life [of the divine one].
22. And some will indeed be shown mercy in their judgement.
23. But some with fear save ye; out of the fire snatch them out, hating also their garments polluted from their flesh.
24. Now to him who has the power to keep you from falling, and to establish you before the Glorious One himself blameless with exceeding joy.
25. To the [One who is the] only wise God, our Saviour, be glory, and majesty, might and authority, even now and unto all the ages. Amen.

Started translation 11:33 am 20th June, Completed translation 12:09 pm 21st June, 2017