3 John

3 John – The Authorised Lay Bible, ALB

1. The Elder, [to] Gaios the beloved, whom I love in truth.
2. Beloved, I wish that ye be prosperous in everything, and be sound in health, even as the prosperity of your soul.
3. For I rejoiced exceedingly when the brethren came, and testified of the truth in you, that just as they, you walk in the truth.
4. I have no greater joy than this, hearing that those children of mine are walking in the truth.
5. Beloved, ye are faithful in the doing of that work which [you do] for the brethren and among those foreigners.
6. Who themselves testified of your love before the assembly, those good things you did, sending them forth toward their journey, in a manner worthy of God.
7. For the sake of his name they went forth, taking nothing from the Gentiles.
8. We therefore ought to receive those who are of this sort, so that we might be co-labourers to the truth.
9. I wrote to the assembly. But Diotrephes, the ambitious one who loves to be first, would not receive it of us.
10. Because of this therefore, when I come, I shall remind him of those works of his which he did, speaking wickedly about us. And being not content with that, he receives not those who are brethren, and those who are willing to do so, he hinders, even casting them out of the assembly.
11. Beloved, mimic not that which is wicked, but that which is good. He who is doing good is of God. But he who is doing evil has not known God.
12. Demetrios has a good testimony from everyone, and from the truth himself. And we are also witnesses, and ye know that our testimony is true.
13. I have much to write, but I will not write them to you through paper and ink.
14. But I hope to see you soon and speak to you face to face. Peace to you. They greet you, those that are our friends. Greet those friends of his by name.

Started translation 08:54 am 20th June, Completed translation 11:33 am 20th June, 2017