James 2

Lay Bible

1. My brethren, do not have respect of persons, with the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glory.
2. For if there comes into the synagogue, a man adorned with gold ring on his finger, clothe in shining apparel, and there comes also a pauper with filthy raiment .
3. And you show respect to the one clothed with shining apparel, and you say, “You, sit down here in a good place,” and to the destitute you say, “You, stand there,” “sit here by my footstool .”
4. Are you not indeed discriminating among yourselves, and [have] become judges with wicked thoughts?
5. Hear my brethren, has God not chosen those that are the poor of this world, [who are] rich in faith, as inheritors of his kingdom?
6. But you have despised the poor. Do not the rich oppress you and drag you to courts of justice?
7. Do they not blaspheme the good name by which ye are called?
8. If howbeit, ye keep the law of the kingdom, according to the scriptures ,”Ye shall love your neighbour,” ye do well.
9. But if ye have respect of persons, ye are workers of iniquity , and are condemned by the law as violators .
10. For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one, he is guilty of all.
11. For he who said, “Do not [commit] adultery,” also said, “Do not murder.” But if ye do not commit adultery, but ye murder, you have become a violator of the law.
12. Speak ye therefore, and act also, as though the law of liberty would be your judge.
13. For the judgement shall be merciless to him that shows no mercy. And the merciful shall rejoice in judgement.
14. What benefit is there, my brethren, if ye say one has faith, but works he has not? Faith will have no power to save him.
15. But if a brother or sister be naked, and be destitute of daily food,
16. And one of you say to him, “Go in peace, and make yourself warm and be filled;” but does not give to him those things that are needful to the body, [of] what good is it?
17. So also faith, if it has no works, is dead in itself.
18. Howbeit, some say, “You have faith, and I have works. Show to me the proof of your faith without your works, and I will show you with those works of mine, my own faith.”
19. You believe that God is one? Ye do well. But the demons also believe, and are quaking with fear.
20. But are ye willing to know O vain man, that faith without their works is dead?
21. Abraham, the one who is our father, was it not by works he was reckoned righteous? He offered Isaac his son himself on his altar [of sacrifice].
22. Ye see [the proof of] how his faith worked together with his works, and by his works his faith was made perfect.
23. And the scripture was fulfilled which says, “And Abraham believed the only God, and it was reckoned to him for righteousness and he was called “a friend of God.”
24. Ye see truly now, that [together] with works, a man is justified, and not by faith alone.
25. And likewise also, Rahab the harlot, was it not by works she was justified, when she received the messengers, and sent them away by another way?
26. For just as the body separate from the spirit is dead, so also the faith that is without their works is dead.

Started translation 17:45pm 8th May, 2017, Completed 8:49 am 13th May, 2017.