Hebrews 5


1. For every high priest is taken from among men, for the sake of mankind they were established for those things pertaining to God, so that he may offer not only gifts, but also sacrifices for sins.
2. He is able to have compassion for those who are ignorant, and those who are out of the way, since he himself also is surrounded by frailties.
3. And because of this, he is duty bound concerning his people and also concerning himself, and to make offerings for sins.
4. And no one takes for himself this honour, except he who is called to it by God himself, even as Aaron also was.
5. In like manner, he who is the Christ did not glorify himself to become the high priest, but he who said concerning him, ‘You are my son, Today, I give birth to you.’
6. As he said in another place, ‘You are a priest forever, according to the order of Melchizedek.’
7. He who in the days of his flesh, not only entreated for his need, but also made supplication for protection to him who had the power to save him from death, doing so with a loud and mighty outcry, and made offerings with tears to him, and he heard him because of his devotion.
8. Although he is his Son, he learned from those things which he suffered, to be obedient.
9. And he having been perfected [and completed his task], he became to all those who obey him, the architect of eternal salvation.
10. He having already been publicly proclaimed by God himself, as the high priest according to the order of Melchizedek.
11. Concerning whom we have so much to speak, but difficult to convey to you and to speak of, since you have become dull in those ears of yours.
12. For when ye ought to be teachers by now, ye all have need that ye be taught what are the first things, those things which are the essentials for beginners in the word of God, and ye have become those needing milk, and not solid [or strong] food.
13. For every one who partakes of milk is inexperienced in the word of righteousness , for he is a suckling child .
14. But solid food is for he who is mature, those who through their habits of practice, have had their senses vigorously exercised, trained to discern not only good but evil also.

Started translation 00:24 am 7th February, 2017; Completed translation 03:33 am 7th February, 2017.