Titus 1

Lay Bible

1. Paulos, a servant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ, according to the faith of those chosen by God, and the full knowledge of the truth that is according to godliness.
2. Towards the hope of eternal life, which was proclaimed by God who cannot lie, before the age of time began.
3. And has, in these due season of his own, made known his word himself, by that proclamation mandate which was committed to me, according to the command of God our Saviour.
4. Titos, a true son, according to the faith, mercy, peace from God the Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ who is our Saviour.
5. In his grace, I left you in Krete, so that you would set straight those things that are lacking behind, and constitute elders, in accordance with the [size] of the inhabitants of the city, as I have prescribed to you.
6. If there is anyone that is blameless , the husband of one wife, having believing children, neither is he accused with profligacy, nor among those who are unsubjected.
7. For it is necessary that a bishop, who God has set in command over his house, be blameless , not self-pleasing, not wrathful, not near to wine, not bullies, not greedy for dishonest gain.
8. But is hospitable , a lover of goodness , of sound mind , just , holy, strong to lead ;
9. Not opposed to that which is according to the doctrines of the word of faith, so that he may be empowered also, in the teaching of that which is sound, and reprove those who speak against him.
10. For there are many also, who are insubordinate , vain talkers and deceivers of the minds of men , especially those who are of the circumcision.
11. Whose mouths ought to be stopped, [for] these are they who overturn whole households, teaching those things they ought not for the sake of dishonest gain.
12. A certain one of them, their own prophets, said, ‘Kretans are perpetual liars, evil beasts, bellies who are idle.
13. This testimony about them is true. Therefore, for this reason, rebuke them severely, so that they might be sound in the faith.
14. Having no regard for Jewish fables and commandments of men who have turned away from the truth.
15. All things indeed are clean to those who are clean, however, to those who are sullied and faithless , nothing is pure, but they are stained themselves in the mind and in the conscience.
16. God, they testify to knowing, however , their actions deny it , they are abominable , impersuasible, and to every good work, they are uncommendably unfit.

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