2 Timothy 2

Lay Bible

1. But know this, that in these last days, the set seasons of extreme hardships shall come to be.
2. For there will be men who love [only] themselves, lovers of money, boasters, those who are proud, blasphemers, disobedient to their parents, those who are ungrateful, unholy;
3. They cherish nothing, they are selfish [they do not make sacrifices for anyone nor keep the covenants] , they are slanderers, without self-control, brutal, opposed to that which is good;
4. Betrayers , headstrong , wrapped in the smoke beclouded by pride, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.
5. Having a semblance of godliness, but the power thereof they deny; therefore, turn away from them.
6. For among them are those who are sneaking into houses, and taking captives little-minded women dead in heaps of sins, who themselves are led away by diverse lusts.
7. Always learning and never ever coming to the power in the full knowledge of the truth.
8. But who in the manner which Yannes and Yambres stood resolutely against Moseus , in like manner also, they oppose the truth; men who are corrupt in their minds, they do not pass the test concerning the truth.
9. But they will not advance further, for their mindlessness shall be clearly obvious to all men, even as those men became.
10. But you fully followed after my teachings, the conduct, the purpose , the faith, the patience, the love, the steadfastness ,
11. Those persecutions, those sufferings, such as I experienced at Antiocheia, at Iconion, at Lustrais, what sorts of persecutions I bore, but out of them all, the one who rescued me from the flood was the Lord.
12. But all also, who will live godly in Christ Jesus, they shall be persecuted.
13. But evil men and enchanters shall press forward from bad to worse; they will lead many astray, and they themselves shall be led astray .
14. But as for you, remain in those things which you have learned, and have believed on, knowing from whom you have learned [them].
15. And that from childhood, these sacred scriptures you have known, for they are empowered to make you wise unto salvation, through faith that is in Christ Jesus.
16. All scripture is breath upon [inspired] by God, and is profitable for teaching [doctrine], for reproof, for correction, for wholesome training in righteousness,
17. So that he might be updated, wholesome, fit, who is the man of God, fully equipped for every good work.

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