1 Timothy 6

Lay Bible

1. As many as are under the obligation of service to their own managers should in everything give due honour to those who have leadership over them, so that the name of God and the doctrines are not blasphemed by them.
2. And those who have believing employers should not look down upon them because they are brethren. But rather, all the more [with greater goodwill, commitment and vigour] perform your service to them, because they are believers of the faith and of those who are beloved, who are good businessmen, who took you into their good employment. These things you should teach and exhort.
3. If anyone teaches other things that are contrary and do not agree with these sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ that is also according to godly teaching;
4. Wrapped in a mist [beclouded] by pride, he comprehends nothing, but is sick in the mind beyond controversy , and fights over words, which out of which arises envy, division , blasphemies, evil suppositions ,
5. Disputes of men who have utterly corrupted their minds and offenders against the truth, they are accustomed to using godliness as a means of gain. Stand ye away from those that are of this sort.
6. But it is [indeed] a source of gain when godliness is with contentment.
7. For we brought nothing into this world, that is clear, but it is certain that we shall not have power to carry out anything.
8. Having at this time food and coverings, let us be content in them.
9. But those who are hasty to be rich , fall into temptations and traps, and crave after many mindless and hurtful things, which plunge those men into the deep, into destruction and damnation .
10. For at the root of all things that are wrong is the love of money, which some stretch out themselves to grasp, and are led astray from the faith, and they themselves are pierced through with much sorrows .
11. But you O man of God, flee ye from those things, but pursue after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance , meekness.
12. Compete to win in the good contest of the faith, lay hold on life eternal, to which ye are called, and profess together the good profession before many witnesses.
13. I command you in the sight of God the life-giver to all , and Christ Jesus who gave his testimony before Pontios Pilatos, the good profession;
14. See to it that you observe this precept spotlessly, irreproachable, until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ.
15. Who in their own appointed times will show the one who is His Blessedness and only Almighty, who is the King of all those who are kings, [and] who also is the Lord of all those who are lords,
16. He who alone has immortality , him who dwells in unapproachable light, who no man has seen, nor have the power to see [him], to whom be honour and strength forever. Amen.
17. To those who are rich in this present world, charge ye them not to be high-minded, nor trust on uncertain riches, but on him who is the God of Life, the one who supplies to us in abundance all things to enjoy.
18. To engage in good businesses, to be rich in good works, to share and impart of his prosperity on others who are poor , sharing in common in fellowship with others.
19. Separating reserve for themselves a good foundation for the future, so that they might lay hold [obtaining] eternal life.
20. O Timothee, that which was entrusted to your care, protect it, avoid those that walk the unclean path which are false-lights, and those things that are in opposition [to the truth] which are falsely-named science [knowledge].
21. Which some of them assert as the [true] message, having deviated from the faith. The grace be with you. Amen.

Started translation 19:03 pm 17th January, 2017, Completed 17:41 pm 19th January, 2017. Additional corrections to verses 19 and 20 on 23rd January, 2017 wrongly replaced with 1 Timothy 1:19-20