Colossians 4

Lay Bible

1. Ye masters, that which is right, and which is equitable, things such as these, to your servants render , seeing that ye also have a Lord in heaven.
2. Therefore, pray with steadfastness, being watchful in him with thanksgiving.
3. Praying also for us at the same time, and on our account, that God would open to us a door for his word, to speak the mystery of his Christ, for whom also I am bound.
4. So that I will make it to be known as it should be, by my preaching .
5. In wisdom walk ye, towards those without, redeeming his time .
6. Let your word be always in grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know what way is proper for you to answer each one.
7. All things concerning me, all of it shall be made known to you [by] Tychikos, a beloved brother and a faithful servant and fellow minister in the Lord.
8. Who I send to you unto this purpose, that it will be known, and [also] to understand things concerning ye all, and also to comfort those hearts of yours.
9. [He is] together with Onesimus, his faithful and beloved brother, who is away from you; every one of you shall know how it is in this place.
10. Aristarcos, greet you [all], he is my fellow prisoner, and Marcos, a cousin of Barnabas, concerning whom ye have received instruction, if ever he comes to you, receive him.
11. And Jesus who is called Justos; these are from the circumcision; these alone are co-workers towards the kingdom of God, who were my solace [from my haraguing at the town square ].
12. Greetings to you from Epaphras, who is from you, a servant of Christ Jesus, always agonising for you in prayers for these: that you stand perfectly instructed and fully persuaded in all the will of God.
13. For I am witness, that he has great zeal for you and [for] those in Laodikeia and those in Hierapolis.
14. Greetings to you all [from] Luke the physician who is beloved and Demas.
15. Greet those in Laodikeia who are brethren, and Numphas [those of the bridegroom], and to her [the bride] from the assembly in his house.
16. Also, whenever this epistle is made known among you, ensure that it is read within the Laodikeian church[es], and that the one from Laodikeia is read to you all also.
17. And speak to Archippos, ‘see to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you fulfil it.’
18. I salute you, I Paulos, be mindful of me, that I am in bonds. The grace be with you.

Started translation 14:00 pm 27th December 2016, Completed 23:18 pm 27th December 2016.