Colossians 1

Colossians 1 – Lay Bible

1. Paulos , an apostle of Jesus Christ, through the will of God, and Timotheos the brother.
2. To those in Kolossai, holy and faithful brethren in Christ: grace to you and peace from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.
3. We give thanks to God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you.
4. Since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus, and of the love which you have for all those who have been made holy.
5. Through the hope that is laid-up for you in the heavens, of which you have heard already in the word of truth of the gospel proclaimed.
6. Which is come to you, as it is also, everywhere in the world; and also, it is bearing fruit, just as it does also among you, from the day you heard and acknowledged the grace of God in truth.
7. When you also learned from Epaphras , our co-minister, who is a trusted minister over you in the service of Christ.
8. He has also made plain to us, that love of yours in the Spirit.
9. For this reason, we also, from the day we heard, ceased not to pray the more, and to request that you be filled with the knowledge of his will, in all wisdom and deeper understanding of the spiritual.
10. So that you might walk worthily of the Lord in every pleasing way, in every good work, bearing fruit and growing to the full knowledge of God.
11. Being empowered with all power, for the glory of himself, according to the vigour of his glory.
12. Giving thanks to the Father, who made us worthy for our portion in the inheritance for those made holy in the light.
13. Who rescued us from the dominion of darkness, and translated us into the kingdom of the son of love himself.
14. By whom we have the redemption through his blood, [and] the forgiveness of sins.
15. Who is the image of God, the invisible one, the firstborn of all creation.
16. Who by himself created all things that are in those heavens, and that are on the earth, those visible and those invisible, whether they be thrones, or governments, or authorities, or principalities, or controllers. All these, everything through him and for him were created.
17. Indeed, he himself is before all things, and everything by him are set in place.
18. Also, he is the head of the body: the church, who is the origin, the firstborn from the dead; so that he might be in everything, the first himself.
19. Because, in himself, he deemed it pleasing, that all the fullness should dwell.
20. And through him, reconcile all things into himself, making peace himself, through him, whether they be things on the earth, or [they be] things in the heavens.
21. And you were once afar, being estranged, and enemies through your mind, in that your works were wicked, but now are separated from them and reconciled.
22. In the body of his flesh, through his death, presenting you holy and unblemished, and acquitted in his sight.
23. If indeed you abide in the faith, and be settled, and unmoved from your laid foundation; and not stirred away from the hope of the gospel which you heard, which was proclaimed openly in every place, to all creation under the heavens, whereof I Paulo’s was made a minister.
24. For which now I rejoice, even in those sufferings of mine, for your sakes, and filling up in turn, those things that are lacking in the persecutions of Christ, in his body, which is the church.
25. Wherefore I became a minister according to the commission of God bestowed on me to you, to teach the word of God.
26. That mystery, the one hid from the ages, and from those generations, but now are made plain to those he had made holy himself.
27. Whom God intended that it be made known to them, in these nations, the riches of the glory of the mystery of The One, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.
28. Who we announce, drawing the mind of every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom, so that we might present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.
29. For which also I labour tirelessly, striving according to the energy which he himself energised in me in power.

Started translation 18:00pm 19th December 2016, Completed translation 2:53am 22nd December 2016.