Philippians 1

Philippians 1 – Lay Bible

1. Paulos and Timotheos , servants of Jesus Christ, to all those made holy in Christ Jesus that are in Philippoi, with the overseers and deacons.
2. Grace to you, and peace from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.
3. I thank my God over all your remembrance.
4. Always in every supplication of mine, making my prayers with joy for everyone of you
5. For your partnership towards the preaching of the gospel, from the first day until this moment.
6. Since I am fully convinced myself, of this very thing, that he who has begun in you to work good [works], will perfectly carry it through until the day of Jesus Christ.
7. Seeing that it is righteous for me to think so about you all, because you all hold me [dearly] in those hearts of yours, not only in my bonds, but [also] in the active [verbal] defence and confirmation of the gospel, participating with me in the grace, everyone of you inclusive.
8. For my witness is God, of how greatly I crave for you in the bowels of Jesus Christ.
9. And this I pray, that your love increase yet the more, and more abundantly with full knowledge and discernment .
10. For you to examine it under the splendour of the sunlight, and finding its purity, scrutinising and proving [for yourself] the difference, in order that you would be found pure when examined, and without fault in the day of Christ.
11. Filled full with the fruits of righteousness that is through Jesus Christ, unto the praise and glory of God.
12. Moreover, I wish you to know brethren, that the things I experienced, were rather for the furtherance of the gospel that is being published.
13. So that my imprisonment has become publicly recognised as being for Christ by all in this praetorium , and in all the rest, everywhere,
14. For indeed, most of the brethren in the Lord, persuaded by my imprisonment, are greatly emboldened, speaking the word without fear.
15. Some certainly indeed [do so] through envy and strife, but some also, through their goodwill proclaim Christ.
16. One truly out of their intrigue announce Christ, not holily, supposedly to add persecution upon my imprisonment .
17. But those who [preach] out of love, see [and know] that for the defence of the gospel am I set .
18. For what? Nevertheless, in every turn, whether in pretence or in truth, Christ is announced, and in these I rejoice, and will yet rejoice.
19. For I know that this shall turn out in my deliverance through your prayers, and the bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.
20. According to my earnest expectation [with uplifted head and outstretched neck], and my hope that in nothing shall I be put to shame, but in everything speaking openly and boldly, at all times; for even now, Christ is magnified in my body, whether through [my] life or through [my] death.
21. For to me, this life is Christ’s and to die, gain.
22. But if [it is] to live in the flesh, that to me is the fruit of my labour, and which do I prefer, I do not know.
23. And I am constrained by the two, having the desire to hold on, [and also] to depart, and be with Christ, which is far better.
24. But to abide in the flesh, is more necessary for your sake.
25. And being persuaded of this, I know that I will stay and continue with you all, so that you will advance and rejoice in the faith.
26. So that your boasting may greatly abound in Christ Jesus through me, through my coming again to you.
27. Only, be worthy of the gospel of Christ as citizens, so that whether I come to see you, or whether I be away, I shall hear this concerning you, that you stand firm in one Spirit, one mind , contending together with the same faith, for the gospel.
28. And be not frightened [at all] by any one, by the lying opposition, who themselves truly are the evidence of their destruction, and your salvation; and indeed this is of God.
29. For to you it was graciously given [as a favour] because of Christ, not only for you to have faith towards him, but also to experience suffering for his sake.
30. The same conflicts you shall have, such as you saw in me, and now hear [to be] in me.

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