Ephesians 6

Ephesians 6 – Lay Bible

1. You children, obey your parents in the Lord for this is right .
2. Honour your father and your mother which is the first commandment with blessing .
3. So that you will become well-off and be long-lived upon the earth.
4. And you fathers, do not provoke to anger, your children, rather wholesomely educate [nurture, train, instruct] and discipline them, building them up to be mindful of the Lord.
5. You servants, obey the commands of your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in the sincerity of your heart, as unto Christ.
6. Not with eye-service, as men-pleasers [do]; but as servants of Christ who are doing the will of God from the soul .
7. With a good conscience rendering service as unto the Lord, and not to men.
8. Seeing that whatsoever anyone might have done that is good, the same blessing shall he receive from the Lord, whether slave or freeborn.
9. And you masters, you yourselves should do likewise to them, foregoing the threatening, seeing that yours also, who himself is the Lord, is in the heavens, and there is no partiality with him.
10. From henceforth, my brethren, be strengthened in the Lord, and in the vigour of his might.
11. Put on the complete armour of God, be powerful to stand against the cunning arts of the devil.
12. For we are in a [violent] combat , not against human beings with blood , but [rather with other beings]: with principal initiators, with superhuman authorities [and masters], with world rulers of the darkness from the ages , with spiritual strategists and plotters of wickedness in positions above the sky.
13. For this therefore, take up the complete armour of God, that you may be empowered, able to set yourselves against them in the day of evil , and after everything has been conquered , to stand.
14. Keep standing therefore, having girt your loins about with truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness,
15. And having shod up your feet with the readiness to evangelise the gospel of peace.
16. Over all these, taking up the shield of faith with which you shall have power over all the missiles which the wicked one have set burning with fire, extinguishing it.
17. And the helmet of salvation take upon yourselves, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the rhema-Word of God.
18. Through all these, praying and making your petitions; praying in every occasion in the Spirit, and to him who never sleeps at all, in perseverance and supplication for all his holy ones.
19. And likewise, [pray] for me, that utterance be given to me with opening of mouth to make known the mystery of the gospel.
20. For which I am an ambassador in chains, so that by it, I would boldly and freely speak, even as it is needful for me to speak.
21. Moreover, in order that you also might know the things concerning me, what and how I am fairing; all of you know Tuchicus, a beloved brother and faithful servant in the Lord,
22. Who I am sending to you with this same purpose, so that you may be in the know about us, and be comforted in your heart.
23. Peace to the brethren and love with faith from God the Father and [from] our Lord Jesus Christ.

Started translation 19:57pm 30th, November 2016, Completed 23:40pm 2nd December, 2016